Cash Me In Court! Howbow Dah!?

Photo Credit: TMZ

Photo Credit: TMZ

Looks like the Cash Me Outside girl, Danielle Bregoli will NOT be going to jail after pleading guilty to multiple charges last month. She was able to strike a plea deal and got probation instead.

The 14 year old sensation was sentenced to 5 years probation Tuesday in Delray Beach, FL after pleading guilty to 4 charges back in June — including 2 counts of grand theft, possession of marijuana, and filing a false police report. Other charges were dropped as part of her plea deal.

We’re not sure if she’ll be facing charges for a separate incident … where her friend allegedly chucked ice cream at a lady and set off a series of mayhem in downtown Lake Worth, FL.

A judge ruled that Danielle would be allowed to complete her probation in California, where she’s now living with her mom.

14 years old and already has a record. YIKES!