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Netflix is bringing back Magic School Bus! Celebrity News News Odd News

Buckle Up! The Magic School Bus is back …in more of a updated fashion! Netflix is in charge of the show’s reboot. After its debut in 1994, the show was among the highest-rated children shows on PBS. The revival was originally announced in 2014 and will, like its viewership, change with the times. With computer generated […]

Tinder is definitely judging us all News Odd News

Not only is every person using Tinder being judged, but the makers are also. Yes, the app is a lot more controlled than you or I may have originally thought. According to a report by Fast Company, Tinder uses an algorithm to determine a user’s desirability, and then matches them with corresponding users who are equally desirable. […]

53 celebrity couples that broke up in 2016 News Odd News

Love is a strange thing. And these celebs didn’t get it. At least they didn’t die, right!? The top couple that split in 2016 begins with Brad and Angelina. Check out the other 52 couples that failed in 2016 here!

‘F, Marry, Kill’ is now a dating app News Odd News

We can all toss Tinder to the side now because there’s a new way to find your future partner — or at least your new way of killing time! ‘F, Marry, Kill is the newest dating app to hit the app stores. Click here to find out more!  

The New Relationship Cardinal Sin! News Odd News Uncategorized

Have you ever been distracted by something while with your significant other? Have you ever been distracted by your phone? In a survey done by The Conversation, they found that phone-snubbing or “phubbing” is killing relationships! Click here to read more!

Sometimes It Pays To Be Single News Odd News

If you’re in a relationship, what a time to be alive, eh? It’s always nice to have a significant other this time of year, but there’s plenty to be happy about if you’re single. Here’s why here!  

Man Has Engagement Shoot w/ a Burrito Odd News

I have a very strong love for Chipotle and all things burrito bowls but this man took his love to the next level! David Sikorski, a San Francisco-based writer, hired a professional photographer to shoot an engagement session of him and a burrito. David is not as crazy as he may seem, it is wedding […]