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Kim Kardashian hiring a surrogate?!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z just had their babies, but Kim Kardashian couldn’t let them stay in the spotlight too long! It’s been rumored that Kim and Kanye have hired a surrogate for baby number 3. We’ve all seen how PAINFUL pregnancy is for Kim on her reality show. She has many medical problems regarding her ability to carry/birth children, like “placenta accreta“.

A source close to the family says that this might be the healthiest option for Kim, but we can’t stop thinking about how extra this whole situation is. Plenty of women, who don’t have the money to dodge having their own babies, suffer through pregnancy complications ALL THE TIME.

I mean, Kim has the money to spend, obviously. Especially since her launch of her new makeup company, KKW Beauty. It’s reported that she made roughly 14.4 MILLION IN JUST MINUTES!

We can’t even imagine who the artificial baby momma would be! Would it be her sister, Kourtney who’s offered to do it in the past? What about Chrissy Teigen? She’s ALSO OFFERED. Are they going through an agency?

Whatever happens, I’m sure the internet will have LOTS to report on the whole situation. I’m already invested! More on the situation when we know more!




Photo Credit:  PR Photos

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