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Martina Big- Europe’s Largest Butt Implants?

Photo Credit: Martina Big’s Facebook

Martina Big, of Germany, has Europe’s largest breast implants. Currently she wears a bra size of 32 N. which she says corresponds to size 32 DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. On top of her breast implants, Big has had a bunch of different procedures. Some of which include: veneers, narrowing of the hips, legs, waist and nose, and lip enlargements. However, she wants MORE.

She’s now wanting to get Europe’s largest butt implants!

Big has talked to a few different doctors, who have some concerns regarding her butt implant requests, one of which being Dr. Paul Nassif from the E! reality show Botched.

Nassif said, “When she came in I thought, ‘Why would someone want to do this to their body and have something so heavy on the front of their chest that could damage them?’ I still ponder what gets in people’s minds and souls, why they do the things they do. Her breasts stuck out about two feet. That means her butt would be more like a cartoon character because it would have to stick out two feet.”

Big doesn’t really care about what anyone says. Her motto is, “Big is not big enough!”. She’s going to continue to modify her body after her inspirations, one of which being Barbie.

“As a child I often played with Barbie dolls. I loved my Barbies very much. I especially admired her long blonde hair, her petite nose, her nice lips, her brilliant smile, her small waist, her pink clothes and her bling jewelry. The admiration of Barbie has influenced me,” says Big. 

On top of her addiction to plastic surgery, Big is addicted to tanning, as seen below…

Photo Credit: Martina Big’s Facebook

Luckily, Big is very active on social media and she does address all of her modifications openly.

She has a YouTube page, where she has before and after images as well as TV interviews. Big also has a Facebook where she lists all of her operations off in chronological order in her “About Me” section.


How do you feel about Martina Big? Too big? Not big enough? Let her do what she wants? OMG STOP HER?

I feel like she does deserve some props for doing what she wants, and living the life she’s always imagined in the BODY she’s always imagined.

Personally, I’m going to side with Dr. Paul Nassif. #stopmartinabig #nobuttimplants



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