Ohio Judge has creative demand for drunk drivers

We all use our phones all the time, so why don’t we use them for good by getting the Uber and Lyft apps to avoid driving drunk?  That is what Judge Micheal Cicconetti has been telling offenders they must download the Uber and Lyft apps.  They could have avoided being in this position by texting Uber for a ride.  It’s that simple so make sure to stay away from the keys let a Uber pick you up and save thousands of dollars, that you would have to pay if you get pulled over while under the influence.

Ohio State Highway Patrol statistics show us that in the first half of 2017 there has been 12,510 drivers pulled over due to drunk driving.  Nationwide statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that 28 people die everyday because of people driving while drunk, and dunk driving accidents cost $52 billion dollars.  The national statistics don’t include drivers under the influence of drugs such as opioid  epidemic that is becoming a problem fast nationwide.

The idea is to get the other counties and states in on this new way of thinking, once the Uber and Lyft works in Painesville. By installing breathalyzers in first offender cars, and then offering the offenders many other forms of transportation, such as ride hailing could easily help lower the death rate due to driving under the influence.

Photo credit Flickr