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Hey it’s me… Elvis Duran, host of the show. Your host of the party, your Maitre’d of the mornings. You get the picture.Thanks for listening to the Morning Show every day. It’s an honor and a privilege to broadcast to some of the greatest cities in the world!I’m a person who loves traveling and enjoys great movies, books, wines and restaurants. I’m also hooked on such TV shows as The Voice, American Horror Story, Dexter, Game of Thrones, and Celebrity Apprentice.

I’m one of the co-hosts on the morning show, bringing you hourly news updates (in case you’re too busy or hungover to catch up on the headlines). I’m originally from Wisconsin, used to be a goth, and currently train in aerial gymnastics. One of my favorite bits to do on the show is “Hip Hop Clarinet” because I like to validate band nerds everywhere. And if you ever see me without a coffee in my hand, take cover because I’ve clearly lost my mind.

Hi! I’m Danielle! I bring you the entertainment news every day! I’m also obsessed with vampires, zombies, my two adorable boys and my husband Sheldon (he’s a Brit)!SHOES are the second love in life (after my family of course)…. Hi or low, expensive or cheap, I LOVE ‘EM ALL! The more the better, right?

Greg T
Hey everybody, thanks for checking out my Bio! How does a kid like me go from East Brunswick N.J. to working for Elvis Duran & the Morning Show on the biggest stage in the world? The answer….I have no idea. I thank my blessed Angels (Thanks Grandpa Kulig) everyday. I was just lucky.

Hello everyone. I’ve been with Elvis since the show’s inception back in 1996. In addition to my job as Executive Producer and doing phone taps, I spend half the show digging myself out of a hole from something I said, but I’m really a sweet guy! I swear! It’s all in good fun. My brutal honesty may be the Brooklyn Italian in me and I just can’t help it! I call life the way I see it..even if it’s through a cracked lens! #NoFilter