Liam on the Radio

Hi, My name is Liam….Here’s a few FYI

  • I have a 4 year old daughter named Liyah who is CRAZY but in a good way!!!

  • Born and raised in Chicago.

  • Attended ISU kind of (failed every class first semester and  lived in Bloomington but didn’t enroll second semester)so essentially I’m back home!

  • Played basketball in college(before FAILING at ISU) led the nation in 3’s and broke the 3 point one game record 3 times in one season.

  • I’ve been DJing for 10 years from Chicago to Cancun.  You can catch me every Saturday at The Country Club off Farmington 10-2 also make my way to Chicago!!!

  • Feel free to contact me Liam@kisspeoria.com