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Peoria Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe


“It’s a girl! Vivian the Giraffe welcomed her second baby at 2:38am on January 7, 2018. The baby girl weighed in at 122 pounds and 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Both mother and daughter are doing well.“We are so pleased for Vivian. It is always wonderful to welcome new additions to our zoo family and we look forward to introducing the baby to the community. Because of the weather and the need for mom and daughter to have some time to grow and heal, we anticipate that it will be at least several weeks before they’ll be ready for visitors, so we will share plenty of pictures on our website and facebook page,” shares Yvonne Strode, Director of Peoria Zoo. Giraffes have gestation periods anywhere from 400 to 460 days. Despite being the tallest land animal in the world, the mother gives birth standing up — so the baby needs to be big enough to brace for a long fall. Staff have been monitoring Vivienne at least hourly for several weeks now.” – Peoria Park District

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