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George Zimmerman Threatens Beyonce After Trayvon Martin Documentary

“George Zimmerman has allegedly threatened Beyoncé and Jay-Z for their involvement in a documentary series on Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager Zimmerman fatally shot in 2012.

In a series of text messages first obtained by The Blast, Zimmerman says that if he ever sees the couple that they’ll soon after find themselves inside a “13 foot gator.” The texts go on to insult the two music moguls, as Zimmerman calls Beyoncé a “broke wh**e” and Jay-Z a “bi**h.”

“Oh yea and tell Jay-Z he’s a bitch and his wife’s a broke whore,” one of the messages reads.

“And I’m bringing hell with me,” Zimmerman added in another message, all of which were sent to Dennis Warren, a private investigator who worked on the documentary. In May Zimmerman was charged with misdemeanor stalking and harassing Warren. In a nine day span Zimmerman called Warren 55 times, left 36 voicemails and texted him over 65 times.”

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