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Afternoons with Amber & Scott


Hello…I’m Amber! Basically, I’m a 90’s kid who is obsessed with all things Disney. Back in the day you could have found me traveling the US going to music festivals, but now my idea of fun is hanging at home, binge-watching Friends on Netflix with my husband, Tim, and rescue dog, Gary. I’m an East-Peoria native and now reside in Morton. Go Potters! I’m also a Bradley grad and am currently getting my Masters in Communications. You can hear me tell jokes that are slightly better than Scott’s every afternoon on 98.5 KISS FM!


Scott’s true origins are unknown, yet several rumors persist. The most common is his mother gave birth to him on May 5th in Illinois. His real passion in life was his first job – newspaper delivery…nothing like making an honest quarter a week, ya know? Scott’s favorite beverage is milk and someday he WILL drink an entire gallon in an hour without throwing up, but only if it’s a competition with his man-crush Adam Richman from TV’s Man vs. Food. He has met famous people working in radio like Mariah Carey, Eminem, and Barack Obama, but never Adam Richman… hopefully that’ll change someday soon. You’ll tell Scott “I thought you’d be a lot shorter and fatter” when you meet him in person. He’ll respond “thanks for listening to me on 98-5 KISS FM!”

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