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Big Time Tim Jim

I’m Big Time Tim Jim, but my family and friends just call me Big Time. I’m the mid-day guy, making all the jokes that are much more appropriate than the ones I used to make on nights. Some things about me:

  • I’m from Southern California, which is why I’m so naturally tan. I love Peoria, but I admit I miss In N Out Burger.
  • I’m obsessed with sports. My favorite teams are the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Lakers, Anaheim Ducks, and New York Giants (there wasn’t a football team in LA when I was a kid).
  • I graduated from Bradley a few years ago with a degree in Sports Communication. Now I talk about Ariana Grande and make bathroom jokes. Parents’ money well-spent!
  • My favorite TV shows of all-time are The Office, Community, Breaking Bad, and The Bachelor. In fact, I’m known around the station as the Bachelor expert. Again, parents couldn’t be more proud.
  • I have a wife Amber (who you can hear every Saturday on Kiss) and a rescue dog named Gary. He is a Sheltie-Jack Russell-possibly Corgi mix. Anyone who doesn’t give their dog a human name is doing it wrong.

You can listen to me tell bad jokes every day from 12pm to 3pm, and be sure to follow me on Twitter @BigTimeTimJim!

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