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Taylor Swift Features Fans For Voting

“If the fact that Taylor Swift told you to go out and vote isn’t enough to make you fill out that absentee ballot or drag yourself down to your local polling place, maybe this is: You could be featured in her Instagram Story.

Taylor posted a photo of herself with an “I voted” sticker on her cheek, and captioned it, “If you just voted, take a pic and tag me with #justvoted. It may end up on my story.”

If you scroll through her IG story, you’ll see many pictures of young men and women who’ve taken her up on her offer.  Some are first-time voters, some are absentee-ballot voters, and some just captured the moment after they cast their ballots.

As previously reported, Taylor urged people to take advantage of early voting, writing, “It makes it so quick and easy to go and cast your vote before November 6.””

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