Scott’s been in Peoria long enough to call the Heart of Illinois home. After starting radio in college, he moved around the Midwest before landing in Peoria hours before the biggest blizzard in history.  He’s spent much of his time in town at Peoria Chiefs Thirsty Thursdays, training for the Steamboat, and DJ’ing for the Bradley basketball team.

With no pets and no kids, Scott’s Instagram is loaded with pics from his travels.  And with 2 nieces and 4 nephews, he’s got plenty of time to be a “funcle.”

Favorites around town include the view from Tower Park, the giraffes at the zoo, and the huge truck theater at the CAT visitor’s center.

Favorite foods: Bread from Avanti’s, pizza from Agatucci’s and PSL at Dunkin.

Favorite concerts in town: Too Hype Crew at Crusen’s, Dexter O’Neal at Louie Louie, and Nelly at the Riverfront.

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