Winter Getaway 2017
Join us for our most affordable Winter Getaway in Ixtapa, Mexico!
KISS FM Tailgate Party
Join Big Time Tim Jim at Washington HS Friday Sept. 23rd!
Zoo Brew and Wine Too!
Ever wandered what the animals do after dark? Join the Peoria Zoo October 20th for their Zoo Brew and Wine Too event and find out!
White Folks Get Crunk Radio
WFGC Radio is on every Saturday night at 10:00. We be gettin' crunk fa sho!
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Winning Weekend
Win tickets to see Storks at Carmike Cinemas AND Jason Derulo's Platinum Hits CD!
House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards 2016 - Arrivals
Justin Timberlake & Gwen Stefani drop 2 new songs for the Troll Soundtrack! Celebrity News

Photo Credit: PR Photos

Gwen Stefani in Concert on NBC's "The Today Show" at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City - July 17, 2016
Gwen Stefani absolutely DRILLED on Ellen! Celebrity News

Ellen has had enough and wanted to get to the bottom of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Marriage plans… Photo Credit: PR Photos

BRIT Awards 2016 - Arrivals
2 days ago Adele dedicated her whole show to Brangelina…Last night not so much!!! Celebrity News

Last night she sure changed her tone!!! Saying she was joking and doesn’t care as well as some choice words… During show tonight @Adele says she was joking during her last show and doesn't care #brangelina broke up — Ben Bell (@BenjaminBell) September 23, 2016 Photo Credit: PR Photos

The 25th Annual Chicago Gospel Music Festival at Millennium Park - June 7, 2009
This paper a girl turned in hammered is going viral! Celebrity News

Any college student has been there…I’m gonna go out for a few drinks, come home early, and write the paper! Sometimes it happens or sometimes you go all out and get hammered!!! This girl chose the latter and got hammered!!! Now her paper is going viral… PSA: don't write papers hammered and then turn them […]

2016 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals
Shawn Mendes does his Justin Bieber impression… Celebrity News

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Photo Credit: PR Photos

28th Annual American Cinematheque Award Honoring Matthew McConaughey - Arrivals
Celebrities read more mean tweets… Celebrity News

Damn you Kimmel and your genius idea to have Celebs read mean tweets…when I say that I mean it in a good way cause it’s one of the best things on tv! Photo Credit: PR Photos

2016 Social Good Summit - Day 2 - Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler shares her thoughts on Brangelina’s divorce Celebrity News

Chelsea Handler is friends with Jennifer Aniston so it doesn’t surprise me her response to the big divorce… Photo Credit: PR Photos